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Patriot Act extension fails in the House by seven votes

Already, 7 states including 414 municipalities have passed legislation repealing the Patriot Act in their respective regions. 19 additional states have efforts underway.

Beyond Left Right
Jeremy Payne
February 9, 2011

Beyond Left Right Resistance is VictoryIn a surprising turn of events yesterday, congress failed to extend provisions of the Patriot Act set to expire on February 28. Two-thirds majority was needed to pass the extensions & fell short by 7 votes. Lisa Mascaro, reporting for the LA Times wrote-

"A coalition of veteran conservative Republicans and new GOP lawmakers joined many Democrats in blocking passage of the measure, which many tea party activists see as federal government overreaching into private affairs."

While this news is sure to please the majority of Americans who love freedom and liberty, it is much too early to declare today's vote a victory. The Obama administration along with many Republicans are already re-strategizing, with our Rights and the Constitution in their crosshairs. Patriot Act author, Republican Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. says-  "We are now under a time crunch" "Just seven working days remain", and you can bet Sensenbrenner together with the White House will be working hard to keep us helpless Americans safe from "boogiemen" and "terrorists".

Kurt Nimmo writing for sums up the reasoning of those who wish to extend the key Patriot Act provisions:

One reason for bipartisan support for reauthorization, according to the Journal, is the perceived threat of homegrown terrorism, seen in the absurd Times Square barbeque canister and underwear non-bombings last year. Both events and others staged by FBI agents provocateurs have led to a hysterical propaganda campaign obviously designed not only to get the PATRIOT Act reauthorized, but also expand various police state measures, including an internet kill switch, the takeover of media by the Department of Homeland Security (see our Obama Launches Total Takeover of Media System posted earlier today), and the steady militarization of law enforcement and emergency services, an effort that has been underway at least since the days of the Reagan administration.

It is important to note, considering our government's deep rooted desire to keep it's post 9/11 usurpation of power, the odds of a false flag attack in America over the next few days are extreemly high. The anthrax letters recieved by media outlets and two senators in September and October of 2001 was a staged event to get the Patriot Act signed into law. Don't think for a minute the terrorists in goverment won't do it again.

The Only thing we have to Fear, is Fear Itself - FDR

Resistance is Victory!

Can we as a people in the next few days reign in our representatives, demanding a restoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? I believe we can.

Already, 7 states including 414 municipalities have passed legislation repealing the Patriot Act in their respective regions. 19 additional states have efforts underway.

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC) is an excellent source to learn how you can get involved in Repealing the Patriot Act. Say no to Tyrrany, and yes to Freedom, Contact your Representative & let them know you expect them to uphold their oath to the Constitution.

The "War on Terror" and The Constitution (PDF, 6.7 MB): This booklet, published by BORDC, details how "war on terror" policies have allowed the government to violate the Constitution and explains how those violations affect each of us as individuals.



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